You are looking for your primary residence, a secondary residence, a residential investment, you wish to reduce your taxes, prepare your retirement, protect your family? From 10 years experience in new property, we are able to offer you new properties in all France, searching for the property that suits your needs. In accordance with your situation, we can offer you an investment:
In the context of the PINEL law, conditions:
In LMNP (Leased Non-Professional Tenant) – managed residences (Seniors, Students, Business, Tourism)
In CRT (Residential Coproprietorship of Tourism) – a new way to invest, while benefiting from its investment
In New-Property
In Historic Monuments
In Malraux law, ...
The property is reassuring:
It is concrete and real
It is simple to understand
It is one of the rare “investments” that can be financed at credit. The credit lever effect is a plus in case of death or invalidity thanks to the loan insurance
It remains the most stable investment
In case of death, your spouse will inherit a property and a guaranteed income of 100% in the case of a residential investment, not 50% of a reversion
We offer our advice and a free simulation. We work closely with a wealth management consultant to study your global situation and find the best product adapted to your needs. Don't hesitate, contact us via the form on the AGENCY tab.